• 7 Reasons Why You Should Join Today …
  • 1. Reduced rate shooting
  • 2. Shoot half price for your Birthday*
  • 3. Frequent shooter discount**
  • 4. Discount on Tuition
  • 5. Discount on Activity Centre Rates
  • 6. Refer a Friend – Shoot for half price***
  • 7. Membership Badge & Photo ID Target Card

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Here’s why you should be a Member!!

Regardless of whether you are a regular shooter or you only shoot once a month, being a membermemberfee copy of the Southdown Gun Club & Shooting School really does have its benefits.

Membership of one of the most prestigious shooting grounds’ in the country represents fantastic value for money, with probably the cheapest commercial club shooting from only 30p a target, 100 birds will only cost you £30 guaranteed to be the cheapest shooting in the South East if not the UK.

Once accepted as well as the benefits listed below which will enable you to shoot at least one round per annum for free, you will be issued with your own photo ID target card, which you can pre-load with targets and shoot as and when you like subject to normal opening times and competition calendars.

Practice disciplines include English Sporting, Skeet, DTL, ABT, Compak, FITASC and our dedicated shooting school with high tower, grouse butt and much more…..  The Compak/FITASC deck has a wireless release system with multi-function shooting facility and we’ve just installed a Canterbery Voice Release System on the DTL.

* Shoot 50 targets in the month of your Birthday with voucher **Shoot 25 times (Sporting or trap) and shoot 26th time FREE ***Refer a friend who becomes a paid member and shoot 50 targets FREE

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