The benefits of having a work Christmas party
Work Christmas Party Benefits
October 30, 2019

What are the best business Christmas party ideas?

Why are you looking for a fresh idea for your office party?

It’s likely that you are reading this post because one of two things has happened.

1. Previous year’s Christmas events have been either less than perfect, or you want to change things up this year.

2. You are the lucky team member who has been given the job of researching and organising an event, and you are now looking for some inspiration on what to do.

Whichever camp you are coming from, the great news is that there are some useful hints, tips and recommendations below for you to read and digest!

Whether you have a hefty budget to spend or are looking for some budget-friendly suggestions, you’ll find suggestions here.

What are the best Christmas party options available?

Beyond the expected Christmas trees, mince pies and cheap Christmas tat that is often included in the party package wherever you go, the key thing that makes GREAT party is the experience of being together, in a less than normally hectic and stressed environment.

The critical factor is that the attendees should feel appreciated, relaxed, and above all engaged in the idea of being a team.

The shared Christmas party environment creates a unique, annual opportunity for smaller groups to bond and build relationships that go further than just a transactional work setting.

It’s where friendships are made and re-made, and it’s where everyone, from top to bottom of the business hierarchy get to spend time, and hopefully a few laughs, together.

So, which options deliver on these requirements and wishes?

There is a lot to choose from, but only a very few really stand out from the crowd!

Firstly, there is the traditional Christmas venue, serving a traditional Christmas meal, with some traditional drinks and party hats… if you were interested in normal (and dare I say it predictably boring) you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with the ‘standard fayre’, it also is seen as the simple option by team members and whilst enjoyable, it is also unlikely to create amazing memories.

Second up, we have regular events venues. These include bowling alleys, cinemas, pubs, clubs, and all the other types of normal activities that adults engage in socially throughout the year. They are all good fun, and fair value, but they are also the same thing re-invented to suit the special theme of Christmas. What this often means is pricing that is higher than normal (making it less budget-friendly), options that have been rather restricted (to suit busy staff) and ultimately, it’s bowling or drinking in a paper hat…again. Not exactly pioneering or in any way particularly memorable.

Thirdly there is the option of something like an escape room venue. Interesting for sure, and on the radar for the smaller group. This might well prove an entertaining distraction for an hour or two, but the challenge is that the event normally lasts only an hour, and in the vast majority of cases doesn’t have any catering elements included or a suitable environment for the after ‘party’.

For small groups, it can work well as a starter before moving on, but as most escape rooms are suited to groups of less than 6 at a time, it can also involve a lot of waiting around too, as one group goes through and the next one waits to have their turn.

Is there a cheap Christmas package that doesn’t have compromises?

This is where we get to something that’s a bit unique and that provides a different; and in many cases completely new, experience for your team to enjoy.

Clay pigeon shooting offers an exciting, good value, and is set in a truly inspirational setting. The club has a really cosy café clubhouse with full catering options available, so you can get fed once you’ve had enough excitement!

Southdown Gun Club is the Christmas party venue to come to if you are based in or near to West Sussex!

Shooting takes place amongst the beautiful scenery of the Sussex downs, and it is certainly hard to beat the location if you love the outdoors!

The shooting party package is available at different levels, starting at just £25 per head, and includes the instruction, gun hire, insurance, cartridges, and more.

At that rate, it also falls into a bracket where it can also be tax-deductible; always a nice thing for any boss who’s picking up the tab!

If you want to complement your visit to us, with a follow-up party night out it is just a couple of miles to a number of great pubs in Findon village and only a few to the clubs of Worthing.

Of course, if you really want to push the boat out, a number of nearby hotels and guesthouses are available for those that want to stay nearby and work off the hangovers at their leisure!

Check out to find out more or give us a call on 01903 877555 to book today. You’ll be pleased you did!