When are you open?

We are open Wednesday to Sunday all year round, including bank holidays

What are your opening hours?

Wednesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5.30pm (summer) and 10 a.m. to 4.30pm (winter).  Café open from 9 a.m.

Do you open in evening?

We have late night practice once a week on a Thursday from May to end August.  Last entry is 7.00 p.m. finish by 8.00 p.m.

When is the gun room open?

The gun room opening hours are same as the club.  Wednesday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (summer) and 4.30  p.m. (winter.)


When is practice available?

Wednesday to Saturday

What’s on Sunday?

Sunday can be: 1) Competition only, 2) Practice or 3) Combi competition & Practice.  Please refer to fixtures listing on website.


Do I need to wear PPE (safety glasses and hearing protection?

Yes, everyone on the range MUST wear PPE including spectators

What if I don’t have PPE?

You can buy disposable ear plugs at Reception and either borrow (from reception) or buy (from gunroom) eye protection

Do spectators have to wear PPE?

Yes everyone has to wear PPE

I prefer not to wear PPE can I still shoot or spectate?



Can I borrow a shotgun from the club?

Yes, based on availability.  You will need to bring your shotgun certificate with you we retain it whilst you have the gun on the ground.  There is a charge to hire, currently £5

Do I need a shotgun license to shoot at the ground?

No because we have a section 11D.  Therefore you can shoot supervised with someone who has a licence or you can take a caddied round with one of our licensed ground staff.  Licence must have been held for more than 1 year and must have liability insurance.

Can I shoot if I have a criminal conviction?

Yes as long as you are not a prohibited person under the provision of section 2.1 of the Firearms Act 1968.

I’ve just got my licence can I shoot at the club?

Yes, however your first session must be with one of our instructors either a caddied round or lesson.

How many practice areas are there?

We have 10 stands sporting practice, skeet, voice activated down-the-line, automatic ball trap, compak/fitasc layout.

When are practice areas available, do I need to book?

Practice is available Wed-Sat all year round.  Check out the fixtures list for what’s on Sunday’s and Bank Holidays.  There is no need to book practice, we have a pay & play system.

Can you offer simulated game practice?

Yes we have a dedicated shooting school which includes high driven and grouse butt, this need to be booked (call 01903-877555)

Can bring my dog?

Yes well behaved dogs are allowed on the ground they must be on a lead, must not disturb other customers and please clear up after your pet.

Can children come up the club?

Yes, they must be supervised at all times

Can I use a semi-auto?

Yes, you must use a slip or flag when not in a shooting stand.

Can I use more than 2 shots in semi-auto or pump action?

No, only two shots allowed unless it is a 3 shot event hosted by Southdown

Do I need to book for practice?

No we have a pay & play system.

What time does shooting start?

10.00am.  Competitions may start earlier, please refer to fixtures list

What time is last entry?

Last entry is 1.5 hours before closing.  In summer that’s 4pm and winter 3pm

What time does shooting stop?

Half hour before the gates close at either 5.30 (summer) or 4.30 (winter)

What happens if I get no-birds/breakages?

If you get more than 2 no-birds/breakages please stop releasing clay and use one of the radios to call trapper for assistance.

Who should I report no-birds/breakages to?

Please use radio to call for a trapper.  They will come and rectify  the problem so you and other people using the stand after you have an enjoyable round.

What does it mean if chain is across a stand?

The stand is either temporarily closed or not in use.  Please DO NOT use as you could endanger trappers on the shooting range

What if I get a misfire I cannot clear?

Do not take you gun out of the stand and please keep the barrels pointing down the range.  Please use radio to call a Southdown Safety Officer for assistance.

The trap is empty of clay, I know how to operate a trap can I fill it myself?

No, customers are not allowed on the shooting range.  Please use radio to call for a Southdown trapper.

Where do a put spent cartridges & cardboard?

Please help us keep the ground tidy by using the bins provided on each stand.  Semi-Auto shooters please pick your cartridges up.

Can we use the shooting school area for practice?

Yes.  The school area must be booked in advance and you must be either 1) having a lesson with a Southdown or visiting Instructor or 2) with a Southdown member of staff who will button for you.

Are any of the practice areas open on a competition day?

A:  It depends


How do I apply for a shotgun certificate?

Application form, which includes full instructions on how to apply, can be obtained from www.gov.uk/shotgun-and-firearm-certificates

 Can I store guns at the club?

Yes, we offer short or long-term storage, ask reception or the gun room for more info.

What size shot is permitted?

Shot size must not exceed 6.5, 28g

What WAD is allowed?

Plastic, fibre, no steel

Are snap caps allowed?



I am not sure my gun fits, can you help?

Yes we have a number of qualified instructors who can help you with gun fit.  Call us on 01903-877555 to book a session.

Do you offer lessons?

Yes we offer range of lessons all are tailored to meet your needs.

How long is a lesson?

We offer 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour lessons

 Are your coaches/instructors qualified?

Yes we use CPSA qualified instructors

I’ve been shooting for a while but am experiencing problems with a particular target, can you help?

Yes our highly skilled, qualified instructors can help you with particular problems, targets, disciplines and will get you sorted in no time.

Do you offer a lesson deal?

Yes we offer 6 lessons for the price of 5 (excluding cartridges).  If you pay up front for the 5 lessons you achieve a further discount.

I’m a member do I get a discount on lessons?

Yes you receive 10% discount on lessons as a member.  This is in addition to the non-member deals of 6 for price of 5 and, up-front payment discount.

What price are lessons?

Lessons including clays and cartridges start at £110.


Do you have on-site catering?

Yes, we have a café serving hot/cold food and drink.  Open from 9 a.m. on practice days and 8 a.m. for competitions.

Can the café cater for special occasions?

The café can offer bespoke menu’s, please contact us for more information.

Do you allow alcohol on site?

Alcohol cannot be consumed before shooting however as a licenced premises, and with prior arrangement we can provide beverages post shoot.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept all cards except American Express.  You can also pay by cash or cheque

Are you VAT registered?


Can you provide VAT receipts?



I want to try clay shooting, can you help?

Yes we offer taster sessions.  Per person price is based on the number of clays you’d like to shoot and includes Instructor, gun, cartridges and clays so nothing else to pay.  Prices start at £25.

I’ve done clay shooting before, do you offer any other experiences?

Yes we offer an add-on 9, 18, 27 or 36 shot experience using either a 3 Shot Semi Auto Shotgun or 3 Shot pump action shotgun.  Cost per person start at £24

Do you have an air rifle range?

Yes.  If you have your own air rifle and it’s your first time at the club you will need to pre-book an induction which costs £10/person.  Thereafter you can pre-book the range for £5/person per session.

 Do you offer air rifles taster sessions?

Yes, these need to be pre-booked and cost per person is £36 per person for 50 shots.

When do you offer taster sessions?

Wednesday to Saturday all year round plus the occasional Sunday if we don’t have a competition.  Call us on 01903-877555 to check availability.

Do I have to pay a deposit to secure a booking?

Yes, deposit is £10 per person

What if I cancel?

You can cancel or make changes to your booking up to 7 days before the date, thereafter cancellation reduction in party numbers or no-show on the day are subject to our cancellation fee


What competitions do you run?

We regularly run English Sporting, Sportrap, FITASC, Compak competitions.

Are your competitions CPSA registered?

A: Yes most competitions are CPSA registered however we do host a number of “open” shoots

Is practice available on a competition day?

Usually NO, however check our “Fixtures” list or call us on 01903-877555 for clarification.

Can anyone shoot a competition?

Yes however if it’s a CPSA registered shoot you need to be a CPSA member to go in for prize money

Do I need to pre-book a place?

For English Sporting – NO.  For FITASC, Compak and Sportrap – YES  If in doubt call us on 01903-877555 and we can guide you.

How much is it to enter competitions?

Entry fees depend on the competition and number of targets.  Call us on 01903-877555 to check cost of individual competition entry fees.  Some competitions are subject to CPSA County Levy, this money goes to the County not Southdown.