Fblack 28g 7.5

Expert shooters who are looking for a superior product have now a dedicated line, F line. With the same successful wad of Official line in combination with 5% antimony shots this shotshell line guarantees a high performing range of products in comparison with all the type 3 cartridges currently on the market. F line shotshells are proposed in different grams weight and in a complete range of shot sizes performing in all disciplines: trap, skeet, double trap, sporting and compak. Calibre 20 shotshells complete the F range while, if necessary by law, you can choose calibre 12 in 24 or 28 grams steel shots cartridges. Running boar shotshells present a further improvement: an exclusive Fiocchi 28 grams high precision ball. Low recoil of the shotshell helps shooters to align guns immediately after each shoot. Moreover this ball presents protective little wings to avoid barrel lead deposit.