CCI Ammo

CCI or Cascade Cartridges Inc. was set up by Richard Speer and his partner Arvid Nelson in 1951 in a 17-acre chicken ranch in America. Although the company expanded, the plant still occupies the same property today. Today, they offer one of the best selections in all shooting sports and aim to revive the industry with exciting, high-performance products. CCI are the leaders in rimfire ammunition thanks to their innovation, determination and resourcefulness.

Southdown Gun Shop stocks a wide selection of CCI rifle ammo for the discerning shooter. If you cant see what you are looking for, please call the Gun Shop on 01903 874050 to see if we can help.
Brand Bullet Type Calibre Bullet Weight (gr)  Bullet Type
CCI 17hmr 20grgame point SP 17 HMR 20  JSP
CCI .22lr Standard velocity 40gr solid 22 long rifle 40  LRN
CCi 17hmr 17gr TNT hollow point 17 HMR 17  Speer TNT Jacketed Hollow Point
CCI Mini-Mag .22lr 40gr solid 22 long rifle 40  CPRN
CCI Subsonic .22lr 40gr hollow point 22 long rifle 40  LHP
CCI stinger .22LR copper 32gr HP 22 long rifle 32  CPHP