Federal Ammo

Federal began with humble beginnings in Minnesota in 1922, and nearly a century later it is now one of the world’s largest producers of sporting ammunition. They have been key in the development of thousands of specialised, high quality loads for hunters and shooters, and are highly trusted in the industry. Federal manufacture products to enhance their customers’ shooting experience, which makes them one of the best in the business. Today they are proud to maintain the position as experts in the science of ammunition production.

Below is our current range of Federal rifle ammunition. If you cant see what you are looking for, please call the Gun Shop on 01903 874050 to see if we can help.

Brand Bullet Type Calibre Bullet Weight (gr)  Bullet Type 
Federal American Eagle .223 50grJHP 223 Rem 50  JHP
Federal Fusion 7mm Rem mag 150gr SP 7mm Rem Magnum 150  SP
Federal Power-shok .243 100grn SP .243 Win 100  JSP
Federal Power-shok .243 80gr SP .243 80  JSP
Federal Power-shok .300win mag 180gr HOT-COR 300 Win Magnum 180  JSP
Federal Power-shok .308 150grn SP 308 Win 150  JSP
Federal Premiun 17hmr V-max 17grn BT 17 HMR 17  V-max
Federal Vital-shok .223 40grn BT .308 Win 165  BT
Federal Vital-shok .243 55grn BT .243 Win 55  NBT
Federal Vital-shok .243 70grn BT .243 Win 70  NBT
Federal Vital-shok .338win 225grn TBBC .338 Win 225  TBBC
Federal Power-shok .223 55gr SP 223 Rem 55  JSP


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