Hornady Ammo

The American brand Hornady began as a two-man operation back in 1949 with the philosophy of “ten bullets through one hole”. It took on a new form in the 1960’s with the first major bullet design change and they are now considered the world-leading innovator of bullets, ammunition, reloading and accessory manufacturer in the world today.

Quality, improvement and innovation are the main principles on which Hornady has been built, and they are now a company moving forward with the aim to remain the largest independently owned maker of bullets, ammunition and tools in the world.

We have a large range of Hornady rifle ammunition available. If you cant see what you are looking for, please call the Gun Shop on 01903 874050 to see if we can help with your requirements.

Brand Bullet Type Calibre Bullet Weight (gr)  Bullet Type
Hornady .204ruger 32gr V-max QTY20 .204 32  V-max
Hornady .22 Hornet 35gr V-max qty 25 .22 Hornet 35  V-max
Hornady .223 Varmint Express 40gr V-Max .223 40  V-max
Hornady .243 75gr SST qty 20 .243 75  SSt
Hornady .243 75gr V-max SPF varmint .243 75  SPF
Hornady 17 Hornet 20gr V-max 25qty 17 Hornet 20  V-max
Hornady 17gr 17HMR v-max 17 HMR 17  V-max BT
Hornady 6.5×55 Swede 140gr SST 6.5×55 140  SST
Hornady Custom .308 150gr SST .308 Win 150  SST
Hornady Precision Hunter 7rem-mag 162gr ELDX 7mm Rem Mag 162  ELD-X
Hornady Superformance .243 95gr SST .243 95  SST
Hornady Varm Express 17HMR 15.5gr NTX lead free 17HMR 15.5  NTX
Hornady superformance 25-06 117gr SST 25-06 117  SST


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