Norma Ammo

Founded in 1902 by the Enger brothers, Norma originated in Oslo, Norway and was named after the opera of the same name. After branching into Sweden, the then went international midway through the 20thCentury. Today, Norma manufacture about 30 million cartridges in more that 100 calibres each year, meaning they offer one of the biggest ranges of ammunition worldwide.

Southdown Gun Shop stocks the below Norma rifle ammo. If you cant see what you are looking for, please call the Gun Shop on 01903 874050 to see if we can help.
Brand Bullet Type Calibre Bullet Weight (gr)  Bullet Type 
Norma .223 40grain V-max 20qty 223 40  V-max
Norma .223 50grain V-max 20qty 223 50  V-max
Norma .22lr Subsonic 40gr 22 long rifle 40  Subsonic