World Cup

The Range of Lyalvale Express World Cup cartridges were introduced in 1989 in recognition of Express cartridges being the first British cartridge to win a U.I.T. World Cup on Suhl, Germany. To achieve such a reputation we only use the finest components. The case is a transparent blue case with a deep 16mm head. The powder used is the very well respected Vectan AS made in France by the Nobel Sport Group. AS powder achieves consistent ballistics while being clean burning and efficient. AS powder is single base Nitrocellulose based flake powder. The full container plastic wad used in the World Cup range is designed to protect the shot when accelerating through the barrel as well as opening when leaving the muzzle to avoid scattering the shot as it leaves the muzzle. The Tempered lead shot used in World Cup cartridges is made to the highest standards in Italy by a specialist lead shot manufacturer.

Description Shot Load Shot Size Velocity
World Cup 28g 6.5 1500
World Cup 28g 7, 7.5, 8, 9 & 9.5 1500



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