A previous winner of Clay Cartridge of the Year and a great choice for the cost conscious competitor. 21gm version is a lightening load that produces convincing breaks.

  • The ideal club or training load

  • Hard hitting modest recoil

  • Choice of plastic wad with cushioning compression stage or environmentally friendly biodegradable fibre wad

  • Highly effective to 60 metres

  • 21gm version produces same great kills but lighter feel

  • Fibre version is a great choice for simulated game days!

Gauge Description Shot Load Shot Size Wad Case Dimensions Velocity
12 COMP X 21g 7.5, 9 Plastic 65mm-8mm-2.5” 1425
12 COMP X 28g 7.5, 9 Plastic 65mm-8mm-2.5” 1375
12 COMP X 21g 7.5 Fibre 65mm-8mm2.5” 1425
12 COMP X 28g 7.5 Fibre 65m-8mm-2.75” 1375