New Guns FAQ

Q: What brands are you mainly stock?
A: We are authorised dealers for Blaser, Beretta, Beretta DT11, Benelli, Yildiz Premium, Browning.
Q: How many Demo guns do you have available?
A: This is constantly changing but we always have F3 Blasers, Berettas and DT11, Benelli autos, Yildiz G4 Pro, plus others on a regularly changing basis
Q: Can any one use a demo gun?
A: Subject to having a valid shotgun license you can take out a demo gun on the shop range
Q: Where is the shop range?
A: Adjacent to the shop approximately 20m East of the shop and car park
Q: What targets are available on the shop demonstration range?
A: Generally, we have a four target Compak, with a range of different targets to suit all abilities including a long crosser, to test that extreme shot!
Q: Can you assist me with gun fit?
A: Basic assistance is available in the shop and by appointment we can arrange for an instructor to assist you with gun fit/set up
Q: Do you sell shot gun ammunition?
A: Yes we have a range of Clay loads from Fiocchi and Hull and Game loads from Hull and RC
Q: Do you offer discounts on cartridge purchases?
A: Yes there is a 10% discount available to members and for special orders over 1000 cartridges
Q: Do you sell metal rifle ammunition?
A: Yes we have metal ammo in stock for all the common calibres, special orders on request
Q: Can I purchase shooting equipment in the shop?
A: We have a full range of safety equipment, hearing protection, eye protection, plus gun cleaning and accessories

Used Guns FAQ

Q: Can I try more than one gun before buying?

A: Try as many guns as you like on the shop range, please note that you will be required to produce a valid shotgun certificate first

Q: Can I part exchange my existing gun?

A: We will be pleased to appraise your existing gun and offer you a good price against both new and used guns

Q: Can I sell you a gun without buying a new or used gun?

A: We will be pleased to appraise your gun and offer you a purchase price?

Q: How long does it take to appraise a gun?

A: Typically, it can be done there and then in the shop, but at busy times it might take longer, to be assured of a speedy service, please book an appointment

Q: If you purchase my gun how long does it take to receive the payment?

A: We aim to make payments on the next working day, we do not generally have the ability to make payments at the weekend

Q: How are gun purchase payments made?

A: We make gun appropriation payments by bank transfer

Q: Will you sell my gun on a sale or return basis?

A: Yes we are pleased to offer SOR on all guns, we charge a fixed commission for this service

Q: How do you market my gun?

A: The gun will obviously be displayed in the shop on the rack, we will photograph it and add a description before advertising it on the internet and on Gun Trader

Q: Do used guns come with and warranty or guarantee?

A: All used guns are appraised and checked by our professionals before being put on sale and all used guns come with a 90 day warranty

Q: Can I pay by card in the shop?

A: We accept all major cards both debit and credit, but currently not American Express