Personalised, bespoke gun fitting experience

With exclusive try before you buy on site

Giving you the ultimate luxury service with expert advice

Buying your new gun at the award-winning Southdown Gun Club Gun Room 

Guns appeal to passions, the purchase can be beyond rational thinking. Let us help you embrace this passion to the full extent and our experts will ensure you get the right gun for you.

The Southdown Gun Room is the only Gun Shop in Sussex to be situated at a full-time shooting range.

Located at the award-winning Southdown Gun Club, in West Sussex just north of Findon, you get the chance to be fitted for the perfect gun before putting it to the test on the nation’s favourite shooting ground.

Our gun shop lets customers try selected demo guns and used guns on the nation’s favourite shooting ground. You can also get your next gun fitted to you, or test your shotgun ammunition on our pattern plate.

Managed by seasoned professionals, your questions will be answered by an expert who will ensure you get the correct gun and essential fit, plus of course a full range of accessories for both clay and game shooting.

We have a full range of new and used shotguns and rifles available, and are agents for Blaser, Beretta Browning, Benelli and Zoli.

Our gun shop is also fully-stocked with game and clay loads.

We also have metal ammunition in all calibres, plus shooting supplies, apparel and accessories.

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Enjoying shooting and hitting targets depends on many factors, all of which can be improved upon with tuition and practice. However, an area that is often overlooked is gun fit as guns and shooters come in all shapes and sizes, so having a correctly fitting gun, will give you a good consistent gun mount and ensure that the relationship between your eye and the gun is the best that it can be. Meaning that the gun will be working for you and not against you!

Our gun fitting sessions are always carried out by a Senior Southdown Instructor who will first of all assess your shooting, by observing you using your own gun on a some relatively simple targets to evaluate the current fit of your gun. After which using our try gun with a fully adjustable stock, firstly on the pattern plate, then moving on to a range of other targets, including driven and crossers. During this process we will be able to fine tune the try gun and during the session obtain the measurements required to provide you with your own gun fit.

So if you are planning to buy a new gun, or perhaps are re-stocking your current gun because of damage, you should consider getting your next gun fitted.  Our instructors appreciate the cost of shooting, and so will take into consideration your budget when making recommendations.

From time-to-time it may be prudent to have your gun fit checked, particularly if there has been changes in your eyesight, build or if you are struggling to hit certain targets with your regular gun, gun fit could be the cause.  Again our Senior Instructors will be able to evaluate fit and make recommendations as to the next steps or options open to you, which will ensure you get the most out of your shooting.

“If you are new to shooting, before a Gun Fit session we recommend that you have some lessons and as you progress and become a more confident shot, you will probably consider getting your own gun. Before you invest in your own gun though, you should consider the benefits of getting it fitted to you.”

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