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September 26, 2018
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October 8, 2018

High Bird Challenge: A Shooter’s Perspective

The High Bird Challenge has been running at Southdown Gun Club since 1st September, so I caught up with Southdown sponsored shooter and County Champion, Guy Franklin to see what he thought of the layout. Shooters can try their hand on the 50 high bird flush sequence, with targets thrown from two elevated positions including a 100ft tower. The sequence is shot from two pegs, 25 birds from each. And for a bit of a warm up, there is a 25 bird Grouse Butt sequence and 25 bird Rabbit Mania sequence, to test out skills both in the air and on the ground.

“It’s a thoroughly enjoyable course and something a bit different to your normal 100 bird registered,” says Guy. “Targets-wise, there is something for all abilities and I would encourage anybody with a spare hour to go and give it a go.”

Guy shot the challenge using his Krieghoff K80 super sport and Fiocchi Official Sporting 8.5 Cartridges. He didn’t particularly prepare for the challenge, but decided on a whim to enter as he was at Southdown competing in the Sussex county FITASC. “I hadn’t shot for a couple of weeks and was going to head down the lane for a warm up beforehand when Helen told me that the tower challenge was on,” he says. “It was the perfect practice before the FITASC as I could shoot some quality targets gun down, so I paid for two goes and made my way down to the towers.”


What About the High Bird Layout?

“Having shot the towers a number of times over the past few years, I knew the type of targets that I would face, however I was a bit naive as to the format. Looking at the scores that had already been shot I knew that there would be some challenging targets on it.”

The High Bird Challenge is running until 14th December and can be shot Wednesday to Saturday (and some Sunday’s when there isn’t a competition running). It’s re-entry too, so your best score counts… Guy attempted the layout twice. “My first go on the towers was distinctly average as I had no idea what to expect, and was shooting it alone so had nobody to watch. Fortunately, I had another go and had learnt from the first the format and the targets. This time I managed to put in a 46/50, a score I was extremely pleased with and thought I would struggle to beat.”

Guy has just been pipped to the top of the high bird leaderboard by Steve Clark who shot a 47/50 on the high tower. For anyone who can straight all three layouts consecutively in one day, a Beretta 693 Game, 12 bore over and under, worth over £2400.00 is up for grabs. Guy is definitely looking to shoot the challenge again as a whole to see whether he can get his name on the overall leader board (and win that gun!)

The overall winner will be decided on the 14th December and the High Gun is in for a prize worth over £4,000.00 including a High Bird Driven game day in North Wales donated by Bodfuan Worldwide Sporting, 2000 Eley Zenith Cartridges and £500.00 in cash. Who will it be? Find out more information about the challenge here.

This event is kindly sponsored by Bodfuan Worldwide SportingEley HawkPromatic Traps, GMK Beretta and CCI Clays.


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