Southdown Online Booking Portal – How To


Practice is only available as pre-book, pre-pay through our on-line booking portal, maximum 2ppl per time slot.

All payments must be made a time of booking so before proceeding check with your shooting partner what day, time, discipline(s) they want to shoot.

You can book one or more practice disciplines:

  • Sporting (100 targets)
  • Skeet (25 targets)
  • FITASC (25 targets, one or two layouts)
  • Sportrap (25 targets, one or two layouts)

If you wish to shoot both FITASC or Sportrap layouts you need to book them separately.  Don’t forget to allow 20 mins between the first and second layout booking so you can shoot the layouts one after the other.

Remember if a time slot is shaded out it means that time is not available or has been booked by someone else.  For privacy reasons the system may not show their name.

If you wish to book more than 2ppl in, you need to book two (or more) consecutive time slots.  For example: if you wish to book 4ppl in for sporting you’d book the first two in at say 10.30am followed by the second two at 10.40am



If you’ve not used before, you should first create an account before proceeding to place a booking.  You do this by:

  1. Accessing the portal
  2. Click on log-in/register (top left of screen)
  3. Click create account and follow instructions. Once you’ve created an account follow instructions below

To access the portal:

  1. go to
  2. Click ‘Book Practice’ in the main menu (the trophy icon)
  3. Select the discipline you’d like to shoot
  4. Select your date from the dropdown box at the top
  5. Click the Green ‘plus’ button on each squad peg you want (if a peg is shaded it means that peg/time is not available)
  6. You can book as many squad pegs on that same date as you like
  7. Once all of your squad pegs are chosen, click the big green ‘Proceed to Order’ button at the top
  8. You will be presented with a form to fill in required details and agree to the T+C’s etc
  9. Once confirmed, an order will be generated and the booking will have been made
  10. On the order, a big green ‘Pay Now’ button is visible. If this is clicked then it will add the order payment to your basket
  11. If you’d like to book other disciplines and/or dates you can choose to repeat the process above to create additional orders
  12. Once all orders are placed & are in your basket, you can then proceed to checkout & pay via PayPal (see pg 2 for other payment option).



Don’t worry, follow the same process to the payment point but when the screen comes up for PayPal login simply click ‘pay with debit or credit card’ and follow instructions.  You’ll see the card payment option at the bottom of the screen.

If you don’t see this option, it’s probably because PayPal automatically hide the button to try to encourage you to pay using their system.  Two workarounds:

If you only see’s the ‘Create an account’ button click on that … The page that appears should allow you to fill in your card details and choose not to create an account at the bottom of the form. This is the same as the ‘Pay by Card’ option, just named slightly differently.

Or, you should be able to follow the exact same process in ‘Private Mode’ or ‘Incognito Mode’ in your browser. This will trick PayPal into thinking you are a new customer and automatically show the ‘Pay by Credit / Debit Card’ option

On completion of your order you’ll receive a confirmation email (if you don’t see email in your in-box please check spam).  The email will confirm your booking and state that if you need ammo please email us on confirming your name, day/time your shooting, what ammo you need to purchase and your contact number.  We’ll make a note of your ammo needs and sort this out on the day of your shoot, including payment.



If you experience problems with using the portal please email us on briefly explaining your problem and providing your contact number and we’ll get back to you asap.


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