April Results

Cash prize for 2 or more winners with same score based on add & divide.  Shared article prizes based on countback
R Faulds H/GUN 119 Hunting Holiday, Argentina*
P Gray, N Hendrick Runner Up/AA 1st 116 325 ea
RJ King AA 2nd 115 125
P Thomas AA 3rd 113 100
C Biddlecombe, C Childerhouse AA 4th 112 67.50 ea
S Trout, S Clark** AA 6th 110 20 ea
S Trout JP Gun Slip
D Bishop, W Martin, H Arnold** AA 8th 109 See below
D Bishop JP Fleece
W Martin AA 9th 109 JP Gilet
H Arnold AA 10th 109 JP Cap (or pool shoot)
D Stanford A 1st 107 150
D Hart A 2nd 105 125
S Smith, T Hoskins, C Eborall,D Brien, D Fenner** A 3rd 103 55 ea
S Smith JP Gun Slip
M Haffenden, PC Simpson, J Munday, C Bloss** A 8th 101 See below
M Haffenden JP Fleece
PC Simpson JP Gilet
J Munday JP Cap (or pool shoot)
C Bloss JP Cap (or pool shoot)
K Skinner, D Gale B 1st 95 137.5 ea
A Anscombe, L Mondesir, N Riley, N Kent B 3rd 94 68.75 ea
J Hughes B 7th 93 JP Gun Slip
N Gaff, S Crutchfield** B 8th 92 See below
N Gaff JP Fleece
S Crutchfield JP Gilet
S Davey  , J Howe B 10th 91 JP Cap (or pool shoot)
Steban C 1st 89 150
C Sayer C 2nd 88 125
C Hixon C 3rd 83 100
S Godden, R White C 4th 82 67.5 ea
T Hudson, S Rayment** C 6th 81 20 ea
T Hudson JP Gun Slip
J Moore, D Moran** C 8th 79 See below
J Moore JP Fleece
D Moran JP Gilet
D Morton, G Rudd C 10th 76 JP Cap (or pool shoot)
A Balham V 1st 111 125
M Holden V 2nd 108 100
RA King V 3rd 105 75
J Stanton V 4th 102 50
C Milne V 5th 101 40
J Dix V 6th 100 30
B Dunbavin, AJ Brignell, R Effamy** V 7th 98 See below
B Dunbavin JP Gun Slip
AJ Brignell JP Fleece
R Effamy JP Gilet
N Frampton V 10th 97 JP Cap (or pool shoot)
C Hall L 1st 108 125
N Gray L 2nd 94 100
T Kemsley, L Salmon L 3rd 92 62.5 ea
K Ladsham L 5th 89 40
S Hoskins L 6th 87 30
C Atkinson, J Bennett, N Vadasz** L 7th 85 See below
C Atkinson JP Gun Slip
J Bennett JP Fleece
N Vadasz JP Gilet
S Brookwell L 10th 83 JP Cap (or pool shoot)
T Hedgecock JNR 1st 111 100
B Ballantyne JNR 2nd 110 80
M Peddle JNR 3rd 104 65
H Collins JNR 4th 103 40
J Bradley-Day JNR 5th 102 30***
W Fenner JNR 6th 98 20***
R Green JNR 7th 95 JP Gun Slip
J Allan JNR 8th 93 JP Fleece
T Hales JNR 9th 87 JP Gilet
J Bennion JNR 10th 86 JP Cap (or pool shoot)
T Hockey COLT 1st 94 90 ea
A Tibbles COLT 2nd 94
D King COLT 3rd 88 65
M Bevis COLT 4th 85 40
T O’Brien COLT 5th 82 30***
B Cookson COLT 6th 76 20***
C Madden COLT 7th 75 JP Gun Slip
AC Curtiss, M Gunn* COLT 8th 71 See below
AC Curtiss JP Fleece
M Gunn JP Gilet
A Head COLT 10th 57 JP Cap (or pool shoot)
*Or cash prize of £700
** Shared article prizes awarded based on countback
*** can switch for gun slip, fleece or gilet
Cash prize for 2 or more winners with same score based on add & divide.  Shared article prizes based on countback
G Franklin H/GUN 96 250
N Hendrick AA 1st 94 80
J Attwood, S Clark AA 2nd 93 £32 ea
B Davies, RJ King, C Harrison, K Howland AA 4th 92 free pool ea
AC Smith A 1st 90 80
N Lockton A 2nd 89 40
D Fenner A 3rd 88 25
D Bishop, F Dimaria, D Harrison A 4th 87 free pool ea
J Sole B 1st 94 80
C Harrison B 2nd 93 40
P Fenney B 3rd 87 25
A Higgs B 4th 84 free pool
N Vadasz C 1st 80 80
K Skinner C 2nd 79 40
T Bridge C 3rd 77 25
N Kent, P Laverock C 4th 76 free pool ea
P Simpson V 1st 90 60
C Milne V 2nd 89 40
J Dix, R Effamy V 3rd 82 £10 + free pool ea
C Hall L 1st 86 60
S Hoskins L 2nd 75 40
C Sawkins L 3rd 72 20
S Brookwell L 4th 59 free pool
T Hedgecock JNR 1st 92 35
H Collins JNR 2nd 91 JP Gun Slip
J Bennion JNR 3rd 89 JP Fleece
J Bradley-Day JNR 4th 87 free pool
T Hockey COLT 1st 81 35
A Tibbles COLT 2nd 73 JP Gun Slip
D King COLT 2nd 73 JP Fleece
A Curtiss COLT 4th 60 free pool
Pool Shoot
28th April  Chris Childerhouse, Charlie Milne and Darren Coumbe 1st 24 £35 ea
29th April Sam Green 1st 24 £77