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April 3, 2019
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Sammy Halsey – 6 months as the Talent Pool winner


We caught up with Sammy, Talent Pool 2018 winner, ahead of the opening of TP 2019 to find out how her year has been so far…

It’s roughly 6 months into your time as Talent Pool winner, what has been your highlight so far?

It has gone so fast! I’ve loved being able to shoot more and being able to put the stuff I’ve learnt into practice. My time spent with Simon (Arbuckle, Southdown’s Head Coach) is invaluable – we’ve been working on all sorts of things and he’s brilliant with helping with my confidence. That’s been a huge help to me!

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot well overall since the beginning of the year, although I have struggled massively with the bad weather we have had of late; the wind knocked the stuffing out of me and my shooting so I’m just working on getting my timing back and confidence back up.  Competing in the first two Premier Leagues was a bit nerve-wracking as I want so badly to do well. I shot well on the first leg @ EJ Churchill’s then really struggled at Owls Lodge due to the weather, but I have still learnt from it all!

I put my “big girl pants” on and went and shot two selection shoots; one Sporting and one FITASC and although my scores weren’t strong I settled and improved as the rounds went on. So fingers crossed the next 6 months I will improve more and have plenty of highlights.


How have you been getting on with the Zoli Z-Bella?

I have now really gelled with the Bella and I don’t remember not shooting it! It’s a lovely gun to shoot and it helps that it’s a nice looking gun too. I’ve not yet shown it to anyone that wasn’t impressed!

Would you say your shooting has improved since winning Talent Pool?

Yes! I’d say the Talent Pool has helped me find some consistency, confidence and just being able to get out more helps in leaps and bounds, all of which is going to help me in the long run.


What competitions have you shot in recently? 

It’s been a busy beginning to the season…I’m now two Premier Leagues in, I’ve shot a number of CPSA registered sporting rounds and have managed to shoot a few selection shoots in Sporting and FITASC. It’s definitely made me hungrier for the rest of the year.


Do you have an aim for the next 6 months? 

I’d love to get to A Class by the end of my year as Talent Pool winner, but I’m just trying my best to stay consistent and keep learning! I have a score goal in my head that I’d love to hit, so I’m hoping I can tell you that when I’ve hit it J


Have you got anything exciting coming up in April? 

I’ve got tonnes on in April! It kicks off with coaching down at Southdown Gun Club with Simon then I’ve got the Essex Masters, two more Premier Leagues, the Grandmasters at Atkin Grant & Lang, a few CPSA registered shoots to practice for the up and coming Premier League grounds and a bit of FITASC thrown in to keep me on my toes!


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