Southdown Winter Flush Challenge

28th October through to 30th December

New for 2022 we have decided to run the Southdown Winter Flush Challenge, it will run for two months from the end of October to the end of December including the Christmas week!!

How’s it work?

The flush challenge will be shot by four person teams, you will test yourselves over four new and exciting 100 bird simulated games flushes, it goes without saying that there will be a high bird driven from our tower layout, but additionally there will be a teal flight simulating wildfowl on the pond, the rabbit warren for the rabbit specialists and a seated pigeon hide flush.

What days can we shoot it?

The challenge will be available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, throughout November and December, pre booking is essential to reserve your space, as usual you can do this online, by email or simply call 01903 877555, however you may be lucky and be able to rock up and shoot, enter as many times as you like, the highest score counts.

How much will it cost?

Entry is £45pp which will include £5pp that will be added to the prize fund, or £40pp if your team want to shoot birds only with no chance of winning the prize…

What is the prize fund?

This will depend on how many teams take part in the event, but Southdown will guarantee a minimum prize fund regardless of entry. This fund could be exceeded if entries increase the prize pot past the minimum guaranteed fund. See guaranteed prize fund below.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on New Year’s Eve, will be running a league table online so you can see where you sit in the rankings, all you need now is a catchy team name…

Flush Challenge Guaranteed Prize Fund

Position Prize
First Place £400 + 1000 Hull Cartridges
Second Place £200 + 600 Hull Cartridges
Third Place £100 + 400 Hull Cartridges