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April 24, 2019
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May 13, 2019

In anticipation of the next round of applications we spoke to Sammy Halsey, 2018 winner, to see if she can enlighten some of the hopefuls about what they can expect from the competition.


What can this year’s Talent Pool entrants expect from the try out days?


The “qualifying” days held by Southdown for the Talent Pool are great! Not only do you get to try out a bundle of Zoli guns, you get to try out disciplines you may not have tried before.Everyone involved is really friendly and the atmosphere is good fun! The try outs are a competition in their own right, but you have to remember that they aren’t looking for the finished article, so just be ‘you’, do your best and most of all enjoy it!


How should the applicants cope with the pressure?


Try to remember that you are there because you enjoy the sport and you want to improve…the pressure is only ever in your head! The guys there pushing the buttons on the day, or the ones giving you the talks etc. aren’t there to see you fail! They genuinely want to meet you all and see if you fit the bill.

What should the chosen finalists expect from the grand final?


The final is a tense day – the atmosphere is certainly different to the try-outs. Everyone feels pressure and nerves in different ways, but try to hold them down and remember why you’re doing it!


What are Southdown Gun Club and the Talent Pool sponsors expecting from the winner?


The Southdown team are a lovely bunch and from my experience they simply want you to enjoy the sport, enjoy the opportunity, learn and grow. And of course they want you to become part of the team, alongside the other sponsored shooters and staff. They will be behind you all the way…with the good and not-so-good scores.In terms of the sponsors, you are representing their brand so it’s always good to be well-presented in your sponsored clothing – and it’s important to raise awareness using social media too, sharing your achievements and making sure to mention the sponsors.


What can the overall Talent Pool winner expect?


It’s a whirlwind; I’m not going to lie! It certainly wasn’t something I’d prepared myself for, so hold on to your hats! There’s lots going on and plenty to learn, and it’s certainly been a busy year. But most of all, be ready to pull the trigger and kick off straight away, as it’ll be your year to improve and ultimately meet your goals.




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