Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to enter Southdown Gun Club & Shooting School’s TALENT POOL, you must:

* Be 14 years old and over (parental consent required for under 18’s)

* Live within the UK

* Be a UK citizen or eligible to live in the UK

* Not have won a recognised CPSA registered sporting competition in the UK in the last 3 years

* Not be higher than a B class shooter per CPSA (or equivalent organisation) classification criteria

* Know how to load a gun and have basic understanding of gun handling and shooting etiquette as a minimum. If you do not meet these criteria, at your own expense, you must first undertake an instructor lead session at Southdown ground. Instructors lead sessions must be pre-booked and you must identify yourself as a Talent Pool applicate at the point of booking.

* If novice preferably had at least 5 lessons from an experienced, qualified, independent instructor. If less than 5 lessons must make known at time of application.

* Not have any current sponsorship deals with other shooting related organisations


Talent Pool is open to all – you do not have to be a member of the CPSA to apply. Previous applicants can apply again provided they meet the criteria.

If you do not hear back within 10 working days after the deadline for entry, then sadly your application has not been successful.

Applications for Southdown Gun Club & Shooting School TALENT POOL can only be submitted directly to Southdown Gun Club & Shooting School within the specified timeframe only. There are no cash alternatives to the winner’s incentives. The winning individual will be chosen by our esteemed panel. Decisions are at the discretion of the panel and are final. No correspondence will be entered into. The shotgun will be dispatched to Southdown Gun Club and Shooting School (RFD number 2902 Sussex). The winner will be notified in person by Shaun Miller, Managing Director.

Southdown Gun Club & Shooting School takes safety extremely seriously and we always put both your safety and the safety of our staff first. As with all activity participation sports there is a small degree of risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are both fit and capable to travel, shoot, train and compete. This includes things like, bringing your glasses with you if you require them for short sightedness, wearing the Talent Pool cap, safety glasses and hearing protection provided. Not drinking alcohol, or having taken drugs that may impair your co-ordination or decision making processes prior to shooting.


If selected to attend the Talent Pool selection process, you MUST

* Follow the safety instructions given to you by our instructor. Anyone failing to respect instructor’s requests or acting in a dangerous manner will be stopped from further shooting and disqualified from the competition.

* Shoot with Blaser shotgun and Eley Hawk cartridges provided by Southdown Gun Club. No use of own gun (even if a Blaser) or alternative cartridges will be permitted.  No use of comb-raisers or other gun adjustments is permitted.  There will be no need to bring your own gun/cartridges.  If you have your own PPE (eye and hearing protection) please feel free to bring/use.

* · Carry shotgun either in a slip or broken over the arm. Carrying over the shoulder is not permitted, even if you see other people doing it!


Should the entrants or the winner of the TALENT POOL not be able to represent our brands and business values in a professional, knowledgeable and responsible manner, then Southdown Gun Club & Shooting School reserves the right to reject applications or terminate the year-long incentive without notice.

The winner will be required to take part in pre and post competition publicity, and throughout the duration of the agreement.

To enable the use of the Blaser shotgun, the winner must be eligible to apply for, or already hold a valid UK firearms license shotgun certificate therefore; you must not have a criminal record. For more information see https://www.gov.uk/shotgun-and-firearm-certificates

The winner MUST, at his/her own expense, take out relevant insurance prior to the Blaser shotgun being transferred for the duration of the agreement to his/her shotgun certificate. The Blaser shotgun MUST be returned at the end of the agreement in the same condition any failure to do so will be at the liability and cost of the winner.

Southdown Gun Club & Shooting School reserves the right to change any of the above without prior notice. Neither the organisers the estate landowners nor the tenants or sponsors will accept responsibility for the loss, damage or injury to persons, their property, vehicles or effects while at the venue.

All web and published details are subject to the exclusion of errors and omissions, as governed by English Law. All photographs, videos are owned by the organisers in their entirety and can be used at any time, for whatever purposes they see fit, now or in the foreseeable future. The winning entrant must agree to wear branded shooting attire provided by the organisers and must not wear any other branded clothing whilst representing the Talent Pool.