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October 24, 2018
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November 12, 2018

It’s been almost a month since Sammy Halsey won Talent Pool 2018, so we wanted to find out how she was getting on, and if winning the competition was all it’s cracked up to be.


“it has been a serious whirlwind!’ says Sammy, “I’m almost a month in to being the winner and I’ve had so much support already”. Sammy says all the kind words and well wishes have literally blown her away. She has settled in well to the team already, although she still has a few teammates to meet before shooting with them at competitions. Of the other Southdown sponsored shooters she has met, she tells me “they have been brilliant – they have taken me under their wings, which is something I’m hugely grateful for and I know being alongside them I’ll learn an invaluable amount.” The Southdown Sponsored Team day, coming up soon, will be the perfect opportunity to meet everyone and have a shoot with them all – not to mention a brilliant day with plenty of fun for all the shooters.


Sammy’s first task was to visit Southdown for a gun fitting with Head Coach, Simon Arbuckle, to choose her gun before any shooting could commence. She has chosen the Bella Lady stock with a Z gun; a gun specially adapted to cater to lady shooters. “I’m really enjoying getting used to it,” says Sammy,  “and I seem to have made reasonable friends with it already!”


And when it comes to the shooting, Sammy has had her first win in class already up at Dartford, something that she is “over the moon” with. At the time of writing, Sammy tells me, “I’m off to Southdown for the monthly CPSA Sporting registered competition this weekend, which I’m really looking forward too.” Fingers crossed she shoots well!


Although she’s only just begun her year as Talent Pool winner, she’s had a busy month so far, and looks set to continue as she has started. She has nothing but praise for the Southdown team, who “have been brilliant – they are there anytime I need them”… We will be following her progress over the coming months and look forward to hearing about her successes.


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