Shooting Journey – Part Four
My Shooting Journey – Part Four
October 3, 2019
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The benefits of having a work Christmas party

The benefits of having a work Christmas party

The benefits of having a work Christmas party

As the festive season gets closer, the topic of office Christmas parties hits the agenda for businesses.

The challenge is that those party nights carry a certain balance of excitement and fear for business owners!

Are we going to do the same thing as last year, or is there the chance to do something a little different and special? Wouldn’t it be nice to think you can, and yet not have to think too hard about how?

If you hit the mark on this annual event, not only will it fire the team up a bit, but it also shows that you cared enough to do something special for them. That matters not just at a personal level, but also in terms of good business sense. Teams that feel cared about, and who have a real-world connection with their work colleagues suffer from less staff turnover, improved morale, lower sick rates and lots of other benefits.

Isn’t it time you gave the Christmas do a proper shot at success?

Creating your perfect work Christmas event

Creating your perfect work Christmas event

Getting the balance right takes a bit of thought, and now is the perfect time of the year to explore the range of options available; including one that you probably haven’t ever heard about before!

In our view, the perfect work Christmas event is based around three things:

1. An activity that excites and engages the team members, and allows a bit of fun without the HR worries that excess booze and a night on the town can bring.
2. An environment that gets everyone into the social spirit where they can connect with one another in a less formal way than the workplace normally allows.
3. An affordable (and acceptable) investment for the business owner who more often than not ends up footing the costs. After all, it’s not very ‘festive’ to go broke in the process!

On the issue of achieving affordability; it’s worth mentioning that your investment into this year’s Christmas party can even be tax deductible if it comes in under £150 per head!

How can you hit these three targets?

Well, there’s the usual plethora of restaurants and pubs, but they all lack a little bit of imagination, don’t they? A paper hat and a plastic paperclip from a cheap cracker? Not exactly revolutionary!

So why not check out what one corporate events company can offer in terms of party packages that offer a little more ‘bang with their buck’

At Southdown Gun Club there is an exciting and different Christmas team experience available!

Starting at just £25 per person, your team can enjoy the thrill of clay pigeon shooting with a qualified instructor, all protective equipment, insurance, gun hire, cartridges, and clays included. That’s not exactly bank-busting, and is certainly more exciting than just going bowling again or having a pretty average meal together for a distinctly inflated price!

Looks like a winner to us.

Also, at just £25 per head, it fits perfectly within the tax-deductible level mentioned above, making it a sure-fire winner from the business investment perspective too!

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