Air Gun Challenge

The Air Gun Challenge is truly an addictive sport that requires lots of skill!

Our range has a number of knock down targets with different shapes, sizes and levels of complexity – plus we’ve got four shooting positions for you and your friends to enjoy.

You’ll be shooting in the stunning South Downs, so you can enjoy the countryside and plenty of fresh air whilst practicing this new skill. We’ll take you through gun and range safety, how to load the Air Guns and hit the knock down targets. Plus we will show you the correct stance to hold an Air Gun so you will feel steady on your feet, as well as how to keep your eye on the target and shoot. You’ll be in safe hands, so you can simply relax and enjoy the experience – even if you have never shot before, you will be surprised at how quickly you pick it up. Simply load, mount and fire!

With a minimum of 50 rounds you can use these for practice, or if you want to challenge your friends you can split part for practice and part for a competition. We have scorecards so you can get keep track of the winning scores.

A range safety instructor will be with you at all times and can offer help and expert advice on all aspects of Air Gun Shooting in a secure environment. We will have you aiming and shooting accurately in no time!

A fun, exciting and challenging experience available to all ages and abilities and with no recoil from the Air Guns, it’s a great alternative to the Shotgun experiences. With a dose of competition and tuition, you will be shooting rounds like a professional by the end of your session.