Axe Throwing

Have you ever considered axe throwing?! It might not be the first activity you think of, but it’s a unique experience that everyone should try. Axe throwing is a brilliant outdoor activity to show off your strength and channel your inner Viking!

Can you hit the targets? Throw our double headed axes at the wooden targets and see how many stick.

We’ll guide you through the steps under expert supervision until you are throwing with confidence. You’ll progress around different targets, with changing shapes, sizes and distance with a view to hitting the wooden bullseye. It’s all about the technique you use rather than strength, so anyone can throw. Concentration, accuracy and focus are all key to landing the axe in the target. We’ll show you the importance of the correct stance, how to grip the axe properly and how to aim, depending on your distance from the target. The further away they are, the more medieval howls are required!

Challenge your friends to a competition to see who can lodge the highest number of axes. It’s a great social activity for spectators as well as those taking part – a sure fire way to get the adrenaline pumping!

Axe throwing is increasing in popularity, and is a great (and cheap) add on to our other experiences – whether it be Clay Shooting, Air Gun Challenge, Archery…or why not treat yourselves to all 4 activities?!