Competition Loyalty Reward Scheme

Our Competition Loyalty Reward Scheme is new for 2024 and is exclusive to our competition shooters.

For every 6 competitions purchased, the 7th is free*

*the 7th free entry can be redeemed against any Southdown Sporting or Sportrap competition Birds only, or to enter the prize fund the competition entry fee amount will need to be paid additionally

The free entry can also be used in our other disciplines (Compak, FITASC) but the difference in the price will need to be paid at the time of booking.

Competition loyalty cards can be obtained from our Reception team.

Scheme Rules

  • A loyalty stamp will be awarded for every competition paid and shot (all disciplines included).
  • A loyalty stamp will be given for a Birds Only entry as well as a competition entry.
  • A FREE ENTRY must be used within 12 months.
  • Loyalty cards can be left and stored with reception but this is at the shooters own risk. We will not take responsibility for lost or misplaced cards.
  • Lost/misplaced loyalty cards are immediately void and a new card will need to be started.
  • A free shoot can only be used by the named cardholder.
  • Senior shooters cannot use the free shoot from a junior loyalty card and vice versa unless the difference in price is paid at time of booking.
  • Loyalty stamps will only be given when the competition has been paid. Shooters will NOT receive a stamp when a free competition entry is being used.
  • Loyalty stamps will not be given for entries won in competitions.
  • Free entry cannot be gifted to another shooter.
  • Stamps can only be given on the day of shooting and once full payment has been made.