Sporting Practice

Our famous Sporting practice range, known as “the lane” has up to 20 stands, some of which can provide elevated shooting positions and driven targets.  These are used to create varied and sometimes challenging practice layouts, with  every sort of target, including crossers, chondels, battues, teal and rabbits, we aim to change the course at least twice a month if not more regularly.

To aid those new to the sport or wanting to build up to “The Lane” range, there are two additional easier stands available. These are located near the air rifle range to the west of the main car park.

Sporting practice is generally 10 stands with two targets on each stand (20 targets) and we operate a Promatic Clay Mate Pay-&-Play card system so there’s no need to pre-book.  If you’ve not used the Promatic system before, don’t worry, one of the ground staff will be happy to show you the ropes.

You are free to shoot all stands that are open or if you want to concentrate on a particular target, you can stick to that stand we just ask that if someone is waiting, you allow them to shoot through.

We endeavour to ensure all traps are in good working order and have sufficient clay for your practice session.  However, if there is a problem with the trap or you would like to report any other fault or observation, we have two radio stations on ‘The Lane” for your use. Please utilise the radio facility, as it will make your experience more enjoyable and for other shooters on the range.

Safety is paramount and in line with CPSA guidance and common sense, we request that all shooters and spectators wear hearing and sight protection as a minimum, at all times. It is also advisable to wear a hat, as there may be falling clay, shot or wad. If you haven’t got this PPE there is a fully stocked shop on site with a vast range of safety equipment.

Practice Opening Hours:
Thurs-Sat 10am to 5pm (one hour earlier in the Winter)
Sun See fixtures list