Shooting Instruction and Tuition

Lessons at Southdown are available all year round from Friday-Sunday (and Thursday evenings in summer). As you will imagine our instructors are in high demand so pre-booking is necessary, the lesson can be either one-on-one or shared with your friends, partner or family. Find out more about some of the coaching team here.

In general, the duration of lessons is usually 1 hour but we also provide lessons of 1.5 hours and 2 hours, you can of course shoot for longer, but you will probably want a break. Ask about tailoring a day’s shooting to include breakfast or lunch if you wish.

The Southdown Shooting School is sponsored by Zoli Gun who are premium Italian gun makers of distinction, our full range of Zoli school guns means you will be learning with the best shooting school gun available anywhere in the country.

We will provide you with all the safety equipment and PPE required including ear defence and eye protection, however you are welcome be bring your own equipment, we strongly recommend wearing a hat as further head protection.  Cartridges are included with your initial starter lesson only, but if you prefer to bring your own favourite brand we will be happy to reduce the lesson cost accordingly.

Unlike other grounds, an hour means an hour at Southdown!  We allow sufficient time between appointments, so you always get what you pay for. Read our blog about why you should book a lesson at Southdown.

Regardless of whether you are a novice new to shooting or an experienced shot wanting to improve your technique

At the Southdown Shooting School we will tailor the lesson to suit you, so whether you are a beginner, looking for a new hobby and want to develop your skills; or maybe you are an experienced shot interested in game shooting, our highly qualified and talented CPSA instructors can help.

Start as you mean to go on …..

If you’re new to the sport, we strongly recommend you get professional tuition from a qualified instructor from the outset.  This will ensure you develop good practice and avoid the need to undo bad habits later on. In your first lesson we will include:

  • Gun Safety and clay ground or game etiquette
  • Stance, weight distribution & balance
  • Correct gun mount and basic gun fit
  • Eye dominance
  • How to shoot – starting with basic targets

For the experienced shot

The Southdown Shooting School has the largest range and selection of targets available in the South East which include all the disciplines, English Sporting, Compak, FITASC, ABT, DTL & Skeet our instructors will tailor your lesson to meet your specific needs.  Our targets practice and competition are renowned amongst Clay Shooters, so whether it’s a particular target you’re struggling with, or you want to improve discipline technique, Southdown Shooting School is the place for you.

For the Game Shooter

Game shooting requires a different set of skills so if you haven’t picked up your gun since last season, you might want to consider a refresher lesson with our game shooting experienced instructors. They will give you access to our dedicated game area which includes two high towers, two grouse butts, long crossers, and teal to hone your driven shooting skills, or with a bit of notice, we can arrange a flush.

If you have been offered a day’s sport and you are new to game shooting, it can be a bit daunting, not knowing the etiquette, dress code, tipping, etc. So why not brush up your field skills with our ‘Introduction to Game Shooting’ course which covers all the skills you will need to prepare you for your day in the field or the upcoming season.

Cancellation Policy:

  • You may reschedule or cancel your lesson up to 7 days before the booked date
  • Thereafter if you cancel or are a no show on the day we require full payment.  If you have booked using a voucher you will forfeit your voucher


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