High Bird Challenge Terms and Conditions

1. Competitors can:

a. Enter as many times as they wish

b. Shoot one, two or all three layouts

2. Layouts must be shot in sequence: Rabbit Mania, Grouse Butt, Driven position 1 and Driven position 2. Anyone in the squad wanting to shoot only the driven must wait until others in squad have shot the rabbit and grouse.

3. Entry fee is due in advance of shooting, no refunds given if targets shot.

4. No extra shots will be given after the event. If shooters wants another go they need to shoot it all again and pay.

5. Pre-book/re-pay available @ www.southdowngunclub.co.uk

6. Walk-ins welcome but competitors should be aware they may have to wait to shoot. Southdown will endeavour to keep all delays to a minimum.

7. CPSA competition rules apply including but not limited to:

a. Eye and hearing protection must be worn by all competitors and spectators

b. Cap/hat obligatory when waiting on grouse and driven flushes due to risk of falling clay

c. Score must be challenged at the stand, referee decision is final

d. Disputes to be put in writing to info@southdowngunclub.co.uk

e. No prompting or tuition allowed

f. Gun misfires/malfunctions: CPSA competition rules apply

8. The high bird challenge may not be available due to high winds or for any other reason should Southdown deem it unsafe to proceed. In such circumstances Southdown will do it’s best to let pre-booked competitors know in advance but due to unforeseen circumstances this may not be possible. If it is not possible to shoot, competitors can either receive a full refund or be re-book to shoot at another time.

9. The high bird challenge is not available on competition days.

10. Southdown reserve the right to disqualify a competitor for whatever reason. Individuals banned from the ground, for whatever reason, cannot enter the competition.

11. Southdown staff are not eligible to enter.

12. Scorecards must be handed to reception on the day of shooting. Any scorecards handed in after that will not be counted.

13. Weekly winner and High Gun Leader board will be announced on Facebook and Southdown website www.southdowngunclub.co.uk. All scorecards will be retained by Southdown until end December 2018. Challenges to results to be submitted in writing to info@southdowngunclub.co.uk within 24 hours of posting on Facebook.

Prize fund

14. The weekly and overall prizes apply to the 50 target High Bird Challenge ONLY (a week means Monday to Sunday, or Saturday if competition week)

15. One shotgun prize only for the FIRST person who straights the event (100/100): scores will only apply if all three layouts/100 targets are shot on the same day in a continuous sequence. All subsequent shooters who straight the layout will not be eligible to win a prize.

16. Article prizes: No cash equivalent and cannot be exchange for alterative gunroom products.

17. Cartridges: available for collection only from Southdown Gun Club, Findon

Tie Breaks

18. Weekly prize: if two or more shooters with same score, countback will be used to determine winner.

19. Overall prize: if two or more shooters with same score, a shoot off will be arranged on the 50 target high bird challenge, date to be determined by Southdown. No alternative date will be offered, competitors not able to attend will forfeit their place in the shoot off.

No Birds/Trap Malfunctions

20. One “no bird” in sequence: Will be counted as a hit (kill)

21. Two “no birds” in sequence: Targets will be given again at end of sequence

22. More than two “no birds” in sequence:  Sequence will be re-started.  Previous hits/misses will not be counted.